1. Who can publish in IJOMAM?

Any student, professor, or researcher in the field of mechatronics or applied mechanics or in the related fields, regardless of the country of origin, provided that the paper is accepted due to the scientific merit. No discrimination based on any kind of grounds such as sex, gender, religion, ethnicity etc. is to interfere with the publishing process.

  1. How do I publish a paper?

First, the paper is sent for evaluation via incdmtm@incdmtm and andreea.popescu@incdmtm.ro). Should a paper be not suited for the purpose of the journal, it is rejected in this very stage. The verdict is immediately communicated to the contributor. In the event in which the number of submissions received at a given time is excessive and exceeds the processing capacity of the Editorial team, then the Editor-in-chief and the Editorial Team retain their right to ask the contributor to re-submit the paper at a future date that will be communicated to the latter. The paper is reviewed and the Editorial Team communicates the verdict on paper acceptance or rejection to the corresponding author as soon as possible. 

  1. When should I submit a paper?

It is best to submit papers in January and July, since those are the dates when we start preparing the next issue. However, we receive papers throughout the year. Since many authors are interested in publishing with us, please consider those dates as the best time for sending a paper for review.

  1. Are there special issues of IJOMAM?

On special occasions, extra issues are published, but they have a particular status and they are usually related with the organization of events by our international partners wo apply for publishing with IJOMAM.

  1. Can reviewers also publish with IJOMAM?

Yes, they can publish 2 free papers / year provided that their papers are assessed by somebody else in the reviewer team (considering the need for correct and fair examination of their paper).

  1. Is there a fee for publishing with IJOMAM?

There is a paper processing fee in the amount of 250 Euros / paper for publishing with us. Only reviewers and colleagues of the Editorial Team are exempted from paying this fee. The complete payment info can be found under “Information for Authors”.

  1. What happens if I cannot pay the publishing fee?

The paper will not be published or kept for further publishing. The author is notified, and he or she can submit the paper for review and publishing in another journal. Repeated submissions followed by the inability to pay the publishing fee lead to the suspension of publication of papers of the said author until further notice by the Editorial Team.

  1. Who is responsible for bank transfer fees?

The author or his or her financial institution or representative is to pay the bank commissions involved in bank transactions related to the publishing fee(s). 

  1. Will I receive an invoice for publishing with you?

Once we receive a bank transfer for publishing a paper / papers, we issue invoices for that fee. If asked for in particular, we issue proforma invoices to the authors who demand this service.

  1. Can I cancel my publication?

Yes, you can, provided that the paper is not processed and the final layout of the issue is not ready. However, this is very unprofessional and it should be avoided at all costs.