Basic Checklist for Authors

Our goal is to promote a journal at the highest scientific level. For that reason, all papers are subject to a rigorous review process. In order to comply with standards of the journal, we kindly request all authors to check the following list:

  • The paper(-s) submitted to our journal is written in English. General grammar, syntax, and semantic rules are complied with. The organization of the paper is clear. All ideas are presented in a logical sentence, and the general idea of the paper is conveyed in a proper way. Make sure to use the service of an official translator or a language proof-read service, if available.
  • The paper can be either a review of literature or of the state of the art in the field (and it must be as exhaustive as possible), or an original line of research. In the second event, the contents of the paper must be new and original, and the paper should address an important research problem or question. Moreover, all conclusions must be valid, appropriate, and properly supported
  • As according to scientific ethics, at a given time the paper submitted to our journal by the corresponding author must only be sent to us in the current form.
  • A paper should have at least 6 pages (references included) but no more than 10 pages, and papers that exceed this number of pages will either be rejected or broken in two parts.
  • The paper must comply with the template suggested by the editorial team.
  • The tables and figures are used effectively and linked with the text. Reference citations are complete
  • Please make sure to follow the next list of criteria:
    • Title and abstract:
      • The title must be clear and informative, representing the content (not misleading).
      • The abstract must be thorough, and essential details must be presented.
      • There must be no inconsistencies between the abstract and the text.
      • All of the information given in the abstract must be present in the text.
    • Coverage of appropriate existing literature:
      • The literature review must be up-to-date.
      • The number of references and their selection must be appropriate.
      • The review of the literature must be well integrated.
      • The references must be mainly primary sources.


  • Simultaneous submissions, to our journal and other publications, will not be accepted.
  • Papers having contents outside the topics of the journal will not be considered.
  • All submissions will be checked for plagiarism.
  • Papers with plagiarism will not be accepted.

Publishing Fee – 150 Euros/paper

The publishing fee will be paid by bank transfer. The bank details will be provided to the author by email.

IJOMAM Paper Template

IJOMAM Copyright Transfer Agreement Form

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