Information for authors

Basic Checklist for Authors

Dear Authors, for a smooth publishing process, please make sure that your submission is in line with the requirements specified below. Failure to do so will result in us not accepting your paper.

  • The paper(-s) must be written in British English. General grammar, syntax, and semantic rules must be complied with. The organization of the paper must be clear. All ideas must be presented in a logical sequence, while the general idea of the paper must be conveyed in a proper way. Make sure to use the service of a specialized certified translator, or a language proof-read service, if available.
  • Because of our limited processing/review time, we only consider papers submitted for evaluation according to the following editorial timeline:

5 January-

30 March

1 April-30 May Editorial Break

1 June-30 July

1 August –

15 September  Editorial Break

16 September-

30 October-

Resuming editorial activity

1 November

20 December

Submission for the first issue/year (including notifications on acceptance/


Activities outside the editorial process

First issue /

year preparation and publishing; we are not available for paper submissions

Activities outside the editorial process

Submission for the second issue/year (including notifications on acceptance/ rejection)

Second issue / year preparation and publishing; we are not available for paper submissions

  • Should a paper be sent for review and then, regardless of the reason, retracted by an author, the new papers submitted by the same author will be subject to a one-year embargo before next consideration for publication, automatically.
  • An author cannot submit more than one accepted papers / issue.
  • The paper can be either a review of literature or of the state of the art in the field (and it must be as exhaustive as possible), or an original line of research. In the second event, the contents of the paper must be new and original, and the paper should address an important research problem or question. Moreover, all conclusions must be valid, appropriate, and properly supported by evidence presented throughout the paper.
  • The same contents of a paper which is accepted for publishing in IJOMAM cannot be sent for publication and/or consideration for publishing elsewhere, as per current general ethical standards.
  • A paper should have at least 8 pages (references included) but no more than 12 pages. Papers that exceed this number of pages will either be rejected, or broken in two parts.
  • The paper must comply with the template suggested by the editorial team. Papers not consistent with the template will be automatically rejected. Personal emails will not be included in final papers. Once a paper is submitted, the names of the contributor(-s) or his/her afiiliation(-s) cannot be changed. 
  • The tables and figures must be used effectively and referred to in the paper text. Reference citations must be complete (Author name(s), Name of publication, Publisher, Year of publication, and date when accessing a website, if applicable).
  • Please make sure to follow the next list of criteria:
    • Title and abstract:
      • The title must be clear and informative, resuming the contents of the paper (it should not be misleading).
      • The abstract must be thorough, and essential details must be presented.
      • There must be no inconsistencies between the abstract and the paper text.
      • All of the information given in the abstract must be present in the text.
  • Graphics:
      • All graphics must have a proper resolution (300 DPI or higher), and must not be embedded in tables, boxes, and/or frames.
      • Graphics must be wrapped with the ‘in line with text’ option.
    • Coverage of appropriate existing literature:
      • The literature review must be up-to-date.
      • The number of references and their selection must be appropriate.
      • The review of the literature must be well integrated in the paper text.
      • References must consist mainly in primary sources.

Please be informed that:

  • Papers having contents outside the topics of the journal will not be considered.
  • All submissions will be checked for plagiarism.
  • Papers with a plagiarism percent exceeding 5% will not be accepted.
  • Author ORCID ID must be included in the papers. This is mandatory. Authors who do not have an ORCID profile must create one for themselves before submitting a paper for consideration for publishing in IJOMAM.
  • The paper must include the institutional email of the correspondence author (Personal emails will not be included in final papers.)

IJOMAM Ethical Principles

To read more about IJOMAM Ethic principles, please download the following files and read them carefully:

Review Procedure

To read more about the Review principles we make use of, please download the following document and read it carefully:

IJOMAM Review Procedure
IJOMAM Paper Assessment Form (Reviewers Only)


Publishing Fee – 250 Euros/paper

At this time, we only accept wire transfers. Please consider bank transfer fees, which vary from country to country, and from bank to bank. These expenses need to be supported by the authors

The bank details needed to pay the publication fee can be found below. Please be so kind to pay the fee only after the final version of the paper is accepted.

Bank Information

For foreign authors:
Beneficiary address: Șos. Pantelimon, nr. 6-8, 2nd District, 021631-Bucharest, ROMANIA
Bank account number: RO93RNCB0073049977150002
Bank address: BCR Sucursala Sector 2, Bucharest, Romania

For Romanian authors:
Account owner: Institutul National de Cercetare – Dezvoltare pentru Mecatronica si Tehnica Masurarii – INCDMTM
Beneficiary address: Șos. Pantelimon, nr. 6-8, 2nd District, 021631-Bucharest, ROMANIA
The account where the payment should be made is:
RO23RNCB0073049977150001, BCR Sucursala Sector 2, Bucuresti, Romania

Important Templates and Documents